GoStats email issue

The purpose of this page is to outline problems regarding unsolicited commercial email (Spam) and how they relate to GoStats.

There are two ways in which a spam email you've received could possiblly relate to GoStats:
a) The "From:" field is forged to confuse the receipient into believing the email was actually send from a gostats email account
b) The email actually has a GoStats counter in the message body and most often a link along with it.

Also see: The GoStats privacy policy

In a little more detail:

Forged "From:" header
Forged from headers are a common way for senders to hide thier identity from normal email users. Since the from address field in a header isn't verified by the email server, it is possible that the email being sent wasn't sent form the person listed in the From field. (The from field is used a the reply address in most email clients). This causes spam victims to in error reply to the from address and often demand to be removed from the database. To bypass the forged from address, it is often required to look at the advanced headers. See: http://www.panix.com/help/headers.html for instructions on viewing the advanced headers.

GoStats counter in message body
If you've received a spam email with a GoStats counter in the message body it does not mean that GoStats is associated with that message. Often mailers will want to count the number of messages they send and they could use a counter to do this. GoStats cannot control the use of the counters in mailings by other people and hence has no control over anything except for deactivating the account related to the mailing. Even deactivating the account related to the mailing does not prevent further mailings from going out with a GoStats counter in the message. Since the HTML code is there, it will still reference GoStats whether the account is active or not.

If you are reporting spam please be sure to do this in an appropriate way. Make sure that you look at the advanced headers and use good judgement when it comes to reporting those listed in the content of the message.

Any further comments can be made to GoStats support